People can mask their IP address, while using or browsing the internet. There are many processes to do this. It is very much imperative to understand the process of Internet-based communications and activities.

change IP address

In every computer, there is an IP address so when the people are online, or they are doing any work in online the IP address shows where they are located. Likewise, when they are shopping online, or they send emails to anyone, their IP is associated with that activity.

What is my IP address –

IP address just helps to identify the user personally. So hackers identify that IP address and they monitor their activity on a regular basis. These hackers steal the user identity or other personal information.

How an IP address works

Every computer has an IP which is called Internet Protocol. When the people connect to the Internet, their IP address is disseminating to any server, and if they logged on that server, then the problem can occur.

Tips on Masking your IP adress

So there is some of ways to help you changing your IP address.

1. Using proxy server

To use the proxy server is essential to know the utilization of the proxy server. Proxy server routes the connection of the user. Moreover, all these connection are routed through a different server, so it is not easy for the hacker to track down the user IP address.

  • Basics concepts of a proxy

A proxy is known as a server, or it can be called application-level gateway. It acts as an emissary between an endpoint device. This device can be a computer and another server from which a user or client is demanding a service.

  • Different kind of proxies

There are many types of proxies available. However, it is imperative to know the right process.

1. Anonymous Proxy

This kind of proxy is known as a web proxy. It provides the privacy while surfing on the Internet. Moreover, it hides the original IP address of the user. An Anonymous Proxy Server is difficult to track. There are the cookies which track the user every day.

There are many anonymous proxy sites which protect the user when they surf the net. However, it is very much important to identify the right kind of proxy server. There is also an atrocious proxy server which can harm the computer.

The good quality anonymous proxy servers will provide an SSL which is called Secure Sockets Layer. It helps to block the eavesdroppers. This kind of proxy server is very much capable of eliminating the cookies.

2.Transparent Proxy

A Transparent Proxy server is also known as caching server. Transparent proxy found on a corporate network. These proxies are associated with the server which separates the network from the external network.

The firewall protects the network from outside. In the transparent proxy server, the client does not know that there is a proxy server and this proxy server mediates their request. Moreover, the transparent proxy server is used in the corporate organizations. Also in the transparent proxy, it helps to monitor and administrating the network traffic.

3. SSL Proxy

SSL Proxy is stood for Secure Sockets Layer. It is used to protect the data. It is used on the Internet when the user executes a transaction. An SSL proxy helps to protect the data transmission. This proxy server is connected to the sender and receiver. Also, it contributes to preventing from the hacker.

4. List of  open proxies

There is a diverse list of proxy sites as IP:Port. However, it important to know the right way of using it.

  •    Not all proxies sites are good. So it is very much necessary to find the right proxy sites.
  •    There are many proxy websites from where the people can use the proxies.
  •    If anyone overuses the proxies and if he or she get noticed then he or she can be blocked.
  •    Using a proxy can effect on the network. The network can get slower.

In the proxy, it helps to keep the user IP address is remain hidden because only the proxy server IP address is shown in the web page.

5. Web Proxy Sites

The user should enter the address of the website in the URL box which they want to visit. If this site is not working properly, you should already used the different proxy site online.

There are many kinds of proxy sites available. But not all proxy sites are good. If the user finds the proxy site is blocked, they should try a different proxy site. The user has to be very smart.

They should know all the right process to using it. Because when the proxy sites are used the Internet get slower. To make use of entire Internet, they should use the sites that are geographically closer to their location. This will help them in a great way. Also, it will assist them to minimize the loss of speed.

Using a VPN  

VPN is known as Virtual Private Network. This network utilizes a public network, and it connected to a remote site. To make use of VPN the user will need the administrator access on their computer. In VPN it has higher levels of encryption than web-based proxies.VPN has all the facilities it works with all the internet traffic on the user computer.

VPN setting

VPN can be set manually. People can set the VPN manually. In the Windows control panel, the user can enter the details of their VPN. They can select the internet option. In the connection tab, they have to click to ADD VPN.

Then the VPN window will open. Then they should enter the IP address. If the VPN ask for username and password, then they should enter it. In this process, the people can set up a VPN connection manually.

Using TOR

TOR is a network which helps the people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.TOR is the very much secure browser. Also, it is very much good then another proxy site.

By using all these processes, people quickly can mask IP address. All these processes are very relevant. It will help the individuals in a great way.


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